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Q: Where can I find upcoming opportunities for professional development?

A: Upcoming Professional Development opportunities can be found here, which is also linked in the Quick Reference Area of the OPSD page. If you would like to add something to this list please send it to Andrea.

Q: What are the important dates for using annual leave or personal leave?

A: Annual leave (Employee Handbook: Annual Leave) is earned and accrued on a fiscal leave basis from October 1 – September 30. A maximum of 112.5 hours may be carried into the next fiscal year. Occasionally, the time period for using annual leave is extended given that annual conference is typically in September. Personal leave (Employee Handbook: Personal Leave) is granted as an additional source of time off. Regular full-time employees have up to 15 hours to use each fiscal year. This leave is tracked as administrative leave and does not carry over to the next fiscal year.

Q: How do I submit a reimbursement to TASC (FSA)?

A: If you have not logged in to the online TASC portal, you will need to do that first. Instructions for accessing TASC are here. Once you have enrolled, please refer to this document for submitting a claim via the TASC website, or this document for utilizing their mobile app.

Q: Where can I find the most up to date check register?

A: All check registers can be found in the Library section of the Operations and Finance community, in the "Check Register" Folder.

Q: Where do I find templates (including the ASTHO logo?)

A: All templates and logos can be found in the library for the Public Relations and Government Affairs department. The search functionality on my.astho is also quite robust, if there is a specific file type you are looking for, you may find it helpful to search ".jpg" or ".xls". The current logo for ASTHO is on the top level of the library, all other templates are found within the "Templates & Examples" folderIncluding a search within quotation marks will return only exact matches for your query.