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Public Health Innovations Catalog: Infectious Disease Planning

The Public Health Innovations Catalog is a curated list of toolkits, templates, training, calculators, publications, planning guides, strategies/methods, and grant resources. In the "Library" tab, you will find these resources categorized broadly into 1) workforce development, 2) data modernization, 3) trainings and tools, and 4) coordination and collaboration.

These resources were intended to extend broader than the traditional field of public health partners (e.g., universities, data scientists, community partners) and delves into topic areas such as health informatics, health equity, disabilities, legal considerations, supply chain, and risk communication (misinformation management) - in addition to conventional public health concepts such as contact tracing, immunizations, infection control, and mental health.  The objective is to leverage existing tools and resources that can be easily applied or adapted across the STLT levels and build a singular resource focused on this content.

If you have any suggestions for additional resources to include in this catalog, there is a pinned post in the "Discussions" forum with a survey you can use to provide a link or title for the catalog administrators. Thank you!

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    The catalog file attached has been developed for your perusal and convenience. The first tab lists all of the resources alphabetically, and the second tab lists all of the resources alphabetically within their folders (topical areas). This file will ...

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